Ultimate Lemon Pepper Wings

Okay, so there are more than a few Lemon Pepper recipes floating around out there on the internet. Let me be the one to tell you that they are mostly wrong. Not completely off, but they miss some crucial flavor elements. I’m a HUGE fan of Lemon Pepper wings and I can say that, while my recipe may not be exactly the same as Wing Stop, it’s damn close and tastes excellent.

These sell for about $24 at Walmart - works great.

1. Cooking The Wings. (If you’re already a pro, then skip to part 2.)

- First, you’re going to need some chicken wings.

- Thaw the wings a few hours before or under warm water. (Do not microwave them or they will suck.)

- Cut them into their separate pieces and trim the fat. (There are a few videos on this in youtube – worth watching if  you’re unfamiliar)

- Wash the wings off and then dry them as best you can.

- IMPORTANT: Dust them in flour. Not heavily, just enough to give a light coating. This will improve texture and crunchiness and help to avoid that wet, fatty texture (like Hooters wings. Yuck.)

- Deep fry the coated wings until they are hard on the outside and very brown. I mean really, really fry these suckers. You don’t want to have any soft, fatty tissue left on the outside. Any fat should have a nice crispy coating on it.

- Once they’re done, take them out, let the excess oil run off for a few seconds and immediately throw them into your    bowl with whatever sauce you’re going to use. Voila.

This is what we're going for here.

2. The Lemon Pepper Sauce

You’ll need:

- Lemon Pepper (people say that Lawry’s is best but, whatever.)

- Olive Oil (if you don’t have it, then use any oil)

- Salted Butter (or margarine will work too)

- Lemon or Lime juice

- Garlic powder

- Course ground black pepper (optional)

NOTE: All measurements are relative to how many wings you’re making and how salty or savory you want the taste. The measurements are not so important as the ingredients themselves. For this recipe, let’s say you’re making a dozen wings.

- Get a large mixing bowl and put some olive oil in it. Maybe 3 tablespoons.

- Add an equal amount of melted butter or margarine

- Add lemon pepper to taste

- Add juice of half a lemon or half of a large lime.

- Add a couple pinches of garlic powder and grind some fresh black pepper if desired.

The butter and lemon juice is key here. The butter is going to give it the full, savory flavor so if the salt or lemon pepper is too strong, add more melted butter. You’ll need to experiment with amounts but basically this is the jist of it. Enjoy.

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